Alistair_Moir@Yahoo.Com wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an AS/400 running V5R3. I'm currenlty running FTP client
> sessions to remote FTP servers. Corporate HQ has decided to tighten
> down on internet traffic and are implementing various proxies so they
> can lock down the firewall.
> I need to be able to initate FTP sessions on the AS/400, connect
> trhough the proxy to a remote FTP site. Currently there is no need to
> log in to the proxy but that is stated as a future objective. Is the
> AS/400 capable of doing this?
> The proxy is not a socks proxy, so the configuration tab in ops
> navigator will not work. The HQ is adamant that we have to use this
> proxy, no poking extra holes in the firewall.
> I would prefer a native AS/400 solution that is configured once and
> then forgotten about. Ideally some sort of setting in TCPCFG.
> Any ideas?

I have never seen an FTP proxy so I dont know how you are supposed to
make it work. Do you have to send extra commands to it & if so what are
they? If these commands dont work as for normal FTP then use of the
quote command will be vital.