This looks good, as i get the message about a missing TCP/IP
Connectivity Utilities, so i will certainly try this on monday when i
am back at the office.

In the meanwhile i am not certain if we have all the mentioned
software. Is it possible to download this software:

5769TC1 TCP/IP Connectivity Utilities for AS/400

iSeries 400 Installation and Service Library, SK3T-4096-00. This CD-ROM
PDF manuals needed for installation and system maintenance of an IBM~
iSeries 400 server.

iSeries 400 Setup and Operations CD-ROM, SK3T-4098-00. This CD-ROM
IBM iSeries Client Access Express for Windows and the EZ-Setup wizard.
Access™ Express offers a powerful set of client and server
capabilities for
connecting PCs to iSeries servers. The EZ-Setup wizard automates many
of the
iSeries setup tasks.