As we have problems since upgrading PA-RISC 2.0 HP Samba 3.0.7 to IA64 HP Samba
3.0.22, I'd like to ask an obvious question:

To avoid recreating the SID, we moved the Samba working files to the new
platform. Are those tdb platform-independent? I was assuming that.

As before, the Samba files are located on a loopback-mounted NFS filesystem
for high availability. We had no issues with that in the last configuration,
but now (with NFSv4) Samba steadily complains about "resource temporarily
unavailable" when trying to access its database files.

One article found vie Google states that the problem may be NFS-related (on
Solaris). Now HP NFS is more or less that of Solaris...

Does anybody have any insights on thaose issues?