while I was on vacation I had had a report that HP-UX 11.31 on a rx2620 hung
and the Power knob had to be used to shut it down. Some later time the machine
rebootet due to a vhand problem (probably fixed by PHKL_38243).

Yesterday we had a full NFS-exported filesystem on a PA-RISC 11.11 machine
(which was fixed soon).
This morning the same rx2620 did not respond to any SSH login request. On the
serial console no "login:" was offered, but key echo still worked.

I had to press the power button also. Then some messages about a full NFS
filesystem (on mentioned) server appeared, and in the middle of the messages
output stopped. The machine did not come down...

The OS is December 2007 HP-UX 11.31 with the March 2008 patch bundles
installed, plus the latest NFS (post the March 2008 release).

Seems I'll have to pull a TOC dump...