Host: rx1620, OS 11.23
Target: rx2620, OS 11.23
Kwdb version 3.19

1. Connected host to target using null modem cable.
Host serial port (single port): /dev/tty0p0
Target serial port (2 ports - tried both - serial A and B):
2. Copied /stand/vmunix from target to host
3. Booted target:
boot vmunix -bserial (boot-wait)
boot vmunix -b0x121 (boot-no-wait)
4. Started kwdb on host: kwdb vmunix
Kwdb: target ia64_kern_serial /dev/tty0p0
Kwdb: attach 0
Kwdb on host waits until it times out.
If target booted with -bserial target hangs forever.

Connected a laptop to host serial port. Every 30 seconds or so about 100 bytes or more of data are transmitted. Same data over and over until kwdb time out.

Any ideas?