Data Protector 6.0 runs on a HP-UX 11.11 L3000 with two 550 MHz CPUs with Gb
Ethernet nad a 2Gb FC-connection to the SAN where there are three LTO3 drives
and two EVA 4000 that contain the mirrored DP database and a file
jukebox. Basically that should not bee too slow for Data Protector.

Yesterday I had to move backup objects to free up some tapes. The object copy
session (involving only LTO3 and the file jukebox) copied 1763 objects in 23
hours and 53 minutes, making 388GB on one tape at the end.

That performance is quite lousy: If I'm right that's about 4.5MB/s

While monitoing the progress, I noticed that the DP GUI running on Windows
stopped very soon after having displayed some progress. On the cell server one
DP process was using as much CPU as possible (>90%) for a very long time.

The Windows GUI (patch 358) had to be restarted to see any more recent

I suspect that the GUI has problems with handling the list of so many objects,
because for significantly fewer objects no such problems had been noticed.