We would like to announce sendemails 3.0 version.
sendemails is a batch server tool to send emails via SMTP or via
sendmail (or via the email client tool you prefer) on aix, hp-ux,
linux, solaris and windows. If you ask us we can make executable for
other OS.

Why do you need sendemails?

If you have an application and you want to send emails in the same way
on the most famous OS is not so simple. STMP is complex to use
directly. Sendmail and similar email client applications usually are
not available on every os or have on different OS different features.
Sendemails is a simple solution to this problem.

What's new in this version
Added attachlist. In sendemails.cfg with attachlist you can specify a
file where you can put the list of attach files (one for every line).
Correct a bug in Content-Type (mime)

Test txt2pdf 3.0!
You can find it at http://www.sanface.com/sendemails.html