some surprises when using copied objects in Data Protector 6.0:

One of the surprises with media copy was that even the name of the media was
copied (overwriting the existing name). With user-readable labels, this is
somehow unintened, so I always preferred an object copy...

Recently I had to restore a file that had been saved to a media which objects
had been copied and the original objects had been recycled. The first surprise
was that the restore dialogue showed the media label o where the object
originally had been put, but not the label of the media where the object is
now! As the original media had not been exported (nor being overwritten), the
restore dialog showed one media label twice (as if I had used media copy, but
I had used object copy). Furthermore the dialogue referred to one media in a
file library that should have been completely destroyed (according to
instructions from the HP RC). It took me two attempts to get the media
selection right (indirectly via selection the version of the file that
corresponds to a specific session which (in turn) put its data onto s specific
media). Simple, isn't it?

The other strange thing with media and object copy is that a scheduled object
copy has different options from an interactive copy. Thus I had to
dummy-schedule some operations once temporarily. Maybe two different
programmers were working on those two parts of the program...