Folks -

The author of tusc has made version 7.9 available and I have placed a
copy under:

(I may start putting it under dist/tools too...but the historical
legacy of the above is strong

Among the changes:

- 11.31 system call updates.
- Separate ioctl tables for 32 and 64-bit to deal with cases where
sizes encoded in ioctls (_IORW, etc...) differ between 32 and
- Various other syscall updates.
- Add elapsed time, user time and interrupt time to -c and -C.
- Prevent tusc from attempting to execute directories found in $PATH.
- Deal with multiple syscalls with the same name when tracing a subset
of syscalls.
- IPF disassembler updates (from a helpful person who may speak-up if
s/he wishes)

happy tracing,

rick jones, messenger for tusc's author
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