I have a 11iV2 system, my cyrillic locale is, however, brain-dead
iso8859-5. Don't know who brought commecrial unix vendors around the
world to the craziest idea that russians do use this locale long time
ago, however, it was actually NEVER used in Russia. Before UTF8 we all
used koi8-r.
And it is still a de-facto standard for email and usenet, to say

V2 does not have have ru_RU.koi8-r, however. I have a self-made /usr/
lib/nls/loc/locales.2/ru_RU.koi8-r and cyrillic fonts for X11, but no
keymaps and other support files. Could you please tar cvf koi8r.tar
`find / -name *koi8-r*` for me?

Don't know if it is compatible but i hope it is.