I have a tradition of non-working rx4640 disk firmware upgrades: The ISO CDs I
make boot fine, but they never work: When trying to update HPC4 of a 15kRPM
73GB SCSI drive to HPC8, I can select the corresponding firmware, and the
system outputs something like a device map, and nothing more happens.

Last time I had tried (with an older release of the ISO image), there was a
message like "file not found". Did anybody ever have success?

And yes, my images are OK, because I just upgaded system firmware on the same
machine also using ISO images made the same way (on the same device, using the
same CD-R manufacturer).

Files in question are (md5sum -b):
b01c27784a8b3e2592fd30328c1aef47 *PF_CDIABSYS0410A.iso
b92db1498a99faa34c69f3c9c6f47206 *PF_DIPF1106.iso