we have two HP PA-RISC servers (L1000, L2000) to give away that are currently
without fault and under hardware/software maintanance by HP. Both machines
have redundant power supplies, mirrored built-in disks, two 440MHz CPUs, and 8
to 10 GB HP RAM. There are also DVD drives (HP) and external DDS3 drives for
each machine. The machines will include rack-mount kits as well.

The funny HP product numbers follow: A5191A, A5522A, A5796A, A5797A, A5803A,
A5557A, A5581A, C4318SZ, A5137AZ, A3738A, A5798A, A6115A, A5191A, A5522A,
A6696A, A5522A, A5796A, A5798A, A5803A, A5557A, C4317A, C6365A, A5556A, ...

The machines are located in Germany, and anybody interested will have to
arrange pickup.

If you are interested, contact me per E-Mail. The preference is to give away
complete servers, but just parts is also possible.

Ulrich Windl