We have OKI 395 dot matrix printers attached to HP JetDirect 170X
print servers. We run an application on a HP-UX 11 server which
spools print jobs and passes them to the line print daemon. On the
LAN this works without error, however we have problems over the WAN,
with WAN sites linked via a site-to-site ipsec vpn.

The majority of print jobs at these remote sites print without error,
however several jobs per day get 'stuck' and print out the same job

The only way to resolve this problem is to cancel the print job, which
then releases all other jobs in the queue to the printer.

I have examined the printer config and edited the printer scripts at /
etc/lp/interface/ setting the JRECOV variable to a value of
'no' and the TEOJ variable to ""

This did not resolve the problem, so I restarted lpd. The problem is
still occurring - help!

Articles sourced to assist in troubleshooting: