Hello, I have a Visualize B1000 machine running 11.11 with the latest
audio patches (PHSS_28548 and PHSS_28548) installed. I am using an
application which uses the streaming api (APlaySStream) and
periodically calls AGetTransStatus to check progress.

The audio library I am using is libAlibkt.1 (loaded at runtime)
because although the application itself has only one thread, a 3rd
party library component of it is built assuming that pthreads are
available. So it seemed like a good idea that all parts of this
application have the same threading api available.

I am seeing a problem where may application hangs in AGetTransStatus.
Tusc shows that this seems to be because AGetTransStatus has hung on a
select(2) call.

Restarting AServer seems to resolve this problem but I was wondering
if this could be avoided altogether. Perhaps I need other patches?