I'm new to the whole HP-UX world and just learning about using an
Itanium 2 running 11.23. One thing that I have noticed, that is mildly
annoying, is that the file manager "dtfile" (when in list mode) does not
display symbolic link names with any visible clue to differentiate them
from other files and directories. Sure, there is a link reference at
the far right hand side of the display window but this is usually off
screen and requires a scroll right to see which is not very useful.
"Dtfile" running on a Sun Solaris box displays link names with different
colored font. The SGI.IRIX file manager displays links with both a color
difference and a style change.

Is there a "dtfile" resource or config file setting somewhere that would
let me alter the font, font style or font color of link names ?