I have an HP9000, L class, L1000, system A5576A

HP-UX zathras B.11.00 U 9000/800 1578706517 unlimited-user license

I am trying to connect a new 1.5TB RAID from DataStorage Depot.

I connected the 1.5TB RAID to my HP, could see it in SAM. I created a
"Volume Group" called
RAID01, and added the new RAID to that Volume Group. When I run SAM,
I can
see the Physical Disk (the RAID) and new Volume Group (RAID01):

Hardware Number Volume Total
Path of Paths Use Group Mbytes
0/0/1/0.4.0 1 LVM RAID01 1425128

>From the above view, it seems I have 1.4TB of space.

However, I'm not sure how to proceed. I thought I would be able to
Logical Volumes, then assign those Logical Volumes to the new
partitions such
as /d09 to /d14.
But when I view the Volume Groups, I see:

Volume Groups 1 of 5 selected
Mbytes Physical Logical
Name Available Volumes Volumes

vg00 3768 of 17352 2 8
vg01 8 of 17360 2 2
vg02 2720 of 34720 2 4
vg03 1720 of 34720 2 4
RAID01 1 of 1 1 0

So, it seems I only have 1 Mbyte available.

Is there something I did wrong, or a step I missed, to make the Volume
show the correct Mbytes Available?

Any help would be great.