i am experiencing some serious trouble remounting a file system. Going
to one of my systems running HPUX 11.00 (it is a C360) a simple mount
results in:

[~]# mount /dev/vg01/lvol1 /CHECK
vxfs mount: /dev/vg01/lvol1 is corrupted. needs checking

Using fsck I get:

[~]# fsck -F vxfs -o full,nolog /dev/vg01/lvol1
vxfs fsck: file system had I/O error(s) on meta-data.
pass0 - checking structural files
pass1 - checking inode sanity and blocks
fileset 999 primary inode 2 marked bad, allocation flags (0x0001)
fileset 999 primary inode 2 failed validation clear? (ynq)y
root inode for fileset 999 is invalid
full file system check required, exiting ...

Using ioscan, sam and vgdisplay I can see that all 3 disks building
the volume group are present and are still considered part of the

Does anybody have any suggestions what I could try next? I'd
appreciate it very much. There is some userdata on the volume which is
not backuped (the users know this) and should only be used for results
of current simulation runs. Of course they don't care because the
system used to be very stable - so they have a lot of computation
results there and nowhere else... Thus it is kind of necessary to
restore this lvol.

Thanks in advance,

Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Inf. H. Hagenah hg@lft.uni-erlangen.de
Lehrstuhl fuer Fertigungstechnologie FAU Erlangen

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