Not really HP-UX question, but it would probably disappear fast among
Omnibooks, Laserjets and other stuff on c.s.hp.hardware or misc...

I was curious if anyone can shed some light on CPU identification codes
used by HP. By elimination (and removing chips from machines), many
people, including myself did some "clearing up", but still there is
some inconsistency in "resolving" the types, so:
1FT9-xxxx: PA7100?
1FU7-xxxx: PA7100?
PA7100LC is recognizable (1FT2-xxxx)
1FQ1-xxxx: PA7150?
1FT8-xxxx: PA7200?
PA7300LC is recognizable (1FE4-xxxx)
1FQ3-xxxx: PA8000?
1ST9-xxxx: PA8000?
1QK9-xxxx: PA8100?
No one seems to have/display PA8200
1QM1-xxxx: PA8500 (sure about it)
3AA1-xxxx: PA8600 (sure about it)
3AA2-xxxx: PA8700 (sure about it)

Can anyone fill in the blanks?



PS.: Another Allegro in sight woohoo!