We recently purchased a replacement for out 'test' server and I need to
clone it like the production server. The old 'test' server has a
different array type & layout that makes it more reasonable to use the
production server as the starting point. (production rp7410, new

The production server has two vg's vg00 is the OS and vg01 is the array
for an Informix database.

Now from what I have read to do something like this you make a
make_tape_recovery of both vg's to get the systems files needed and a
full file system backup to get the other files and in our case also a
database backup for the database. That all seems straight forward and

Now after I got the make_tape_recovery, I assume I do a recovery using
the tapes on the new server. Do I have to worry about server names or
ip addresses or any other differences between the production and test
server at this point or do I make changes after the recovery tapes are

What things should I look out for (possible gotchas)?

Besides kernel parameters what other configurations will not be covered
by the make_tape_recovery process?

Any help, suggestions, check lists you can give me would be

John Adamski
Network Specialist/DBA
Graceland University