I'm on hp9000s700, hp-ux b.10.20, using latex to build some documentation.
Last week something changed so my graphics aren't found by latex, and all I
can think is that something has changed with symlinks on the HP. Ok, I know
that is too weird to be true, but anyway...

The situation:
The main latex file looks for a graphic file in a 'pdf' subdirectory, which
may contain a real file or a link to the file in a sibling 'png'
subdirectory, which may contain the real file or a link to the real file in
a completely different (guaranteed not recursive!) directory. At the most
we're talking about two-levels of indirection.

Note: If I actually copy the real file to the 'pdf' subdirectory, everything
works again.

Anyway, this was working fine until last week when suddenly latex begain
failing to find the linked image files. I'm not the sysadmin. Am I perhaps
insane or does this ring a bell with someone?

thanks in advance,