Hi, ‎
I am new in hp-ux and I have already a "big" issue I am trying to work

We have a HP-UX 11.11 server which acts as a print server with several
(> 20) ‎remote and network printers configured on it (we are NOT
using HP Distributed Print ‎Service). In addition, we have 3 other
HP-UX 11.11 server which act as db, file ‎and application server. Now
my task is to make those network and remote printer also available to
the ‎other server. ‎
Now, as I see I have 3 options:‎

‎1) Declare each printer on all other server just like on the print
cons: time consuming, changes must be applied to 4 instead of only one
server, not very ‎elegant

‎2) Write a script which cp and updates all configuration files on
the remaining 3 ‎server.‎
cons: very fault-prone and hard to realise

‎3) Configure the 3 other server to forward all requests directly to
the main print server.‎

I prefer option 3. It's the most elegant but I'm not sure if it's
possible at all. Crux on the matter is that I didn't configure/install
any of the server myself to know where the ‎problems are.‎

I really appreciate any help and I'm looking forward to your
suggestions. ‎