I am resurrecting an old HP64000 (non-HPUX) embedded application for
modification. I need to be able to transfer files from the HP64000
across the HPIB to the HP9000 series 340.

In the past I have been able to do this by connecting an HPIB cable
between the HP64000 and the HP 9000 (specifically the HP 98624A HPIB
card in the HP 9000) and issuing the "transfer -rsfxa" HP64000filename
HP9000filename command. I am now getting a warning message after about
30 seconds that limits have been exceeded. I have checked the switch
settings within the HP64000 I/O card and the HP64000 I/O bus cable. I
have also run the I/O performance verification tests on the HP64000 to
confirm HP64000 I/O subsystem operation.

On the HP 9000 side, I see that the HPIB card is recognized by the
system on bootup. It has the expected select code.

When the command is issued, there is a line of text that gets displayed
on the HP9000 that announces that the transfer is being attempted. The
the warning messages appears 20-30 seconds later.

I am at a lost as to what else I need to do. I would appreciate
hearing from anyone with any ideas. I have only a short time left to
get this to work or the whole project will be cancelled.