FYI: When updating HP-UX 11.23 from OE 03/2006 to OE 06/2006 (plus Support Plus patches, applications, etc), the following nasty problem occurred:

ERROR: The module 'UsbBootKeyboard' depends on a module 'DeviceFileSystem' which is not installed on the system.

It seems, HP broke dependency metainformation again, because there is some
product of fileset named 'DEVFS,r=C.01.03.01'. If you do not select that for
update, but decide to unselect the UsbBootKeyboard, you are getting more
errors about 'UsbBootMouse' and 'KeyboardMUX'.

Just in case you dod not get it: After "match what target has", manually
select "DEVFS". You may have to switch the software view first to see it...