I installed Ignite-UX-11-ALL_C.6.8.152 on a HP-UX 11.11 server and
would like to use this system as a Ignite server; ie. I'd like to
be able to install other workstations from this system. This server
is in a different subnet than the workstations are. Because of this,
I installed Ignite-UX on a system which is in the same subnet as the
to-be-installed workstation; this system should act as a boot helper.

After having installed Ignite-UX on both server and boot helper, I
started the Ignite-UX GUI on the server and selected Actions -> Boot
client. I entered the host name of a 2nd workstation (ie. *NOT* the
hostname from the boot helper). After a short time, the workstation

When I now have a look at the to-be installed workstation, I see some
error messages:

Note: Retrying loadfile command...
* tftp error log follows:
tftp> tftp> tftp> tftp> tftp> Transfer timed out.
ERROR: Failed to read "INDEX" file from install server. Check that the install server's IP address is correct and the server has the "Ignite-UX" product loaded and is available via the tftp(1) service.
delete net default: gateway
Failed to startup networking, user interaction required.

But tftp *IS* working. In /etc/inetd.conf of the IgniteUX server,
I've got:

[10:42:05 vz6tml@dewudb05:~] $ grep tftp /etc/inetd.conf
# Before uncommenting the "tftp" entry below, please make sure
# that you have a "tftp" user in /etc/passwd. If you don't
# have one, please consult the tftpd(1M) manual entry for
tftp dgram udp wait root /usr/lbin/tftpd tftpd -l /opt/ignite /var/opt/ignite

From yet another workstation, which is in the same subnet as the
to-be installed WS, I can tftp to the server just fine and fetch the
INDEX file:

[11:12:01 vz6tml@tc56:/tmp] $ tftp dewudb05
tftp> get /var/opt/ignite/INDEX
Received 1933 bytes in 0.0 seconds

In /etc/opt/ignite/instl_boottab on the boot helper, I've got:

These IPs (and some more) are also in the instl_boottab on the Ignite
UX server.

The Ignite server has 4 NICs but only 1 is activated.

When I go to the to-be installed workstation and enter

boot lan. install

I get to the install menu. is the IP of the boot helper.

When booting a client from the Ignite UX GUI, how do I make the client
use a boothelper and specifically THIS boothelper?


Some more data:

On the boothelper:
netstat -rn -> http://vz6tml.pastebin.ca/124895
inetd.conf -> http://vz6tml.pastebin.ca/124898
lanscan -> http://vz6tml.pastebin.ca/124899
instl_adm -d -> http://vz6tml.pastebin.ca/124900
/etc/opt/ignite/instl_boottab -> http://vz6tml.pastebin.ca/124902

On the server:
netstat -rn -> http://vz6tml.pastebin.ca/124903
inetd.conf -> http://vz6tml.pastebin.ca/124904
lanscan -> http://vz6tml.pastebin.ca/124905
instl_adm -d -> http://vz6tml.pastebin.ca/124906
/etc/opt/ignite/instl_boottab -> http://vz6tml.pastebin.ca/124908
Somehow I have more respect for 14 year old Debian developers than
14 year old Certified Microsoft Serfs.