Hi All
I am working for porting across unix flavours. A shared library
program using dlopen, dlsym etc worked on linux. But when I tried it on

hp Unix 64 bit; it did not work. I tried with proper compiler options
even. Firstly it gave me following error:-

Error during dlopen(): '/lib/pa20_64/libpthread.1' contains a
TLS reference to '__thread_specific_seg' defined in a dynamically
loaded library '/lib/pa20_64/libpthread.1'. Use +tls=dynamic to
re-compile '/lib/pa20_64/libpthread.1'.

Then I found somewhere that this error is due to some LD_PRELOAD
environment variable.Finally I exported the variable as :-

export LD_PRELOAD=/lib/pa20_64/libpthread.1

But it gave segmentation fault. When I tried it with gdb it gave
following error :-

Version of shared library /lib/pa20_64/libpthread.1 not

Please help me to solve the problem if possible for anyone.
Thanks in Advance.