i answer myself to some the questions.

julien Touche wrote on 24/07/2006 23:46:
> - to duplicate my printers, i copy /var/sam/lp (or /etc/lp/interfaces ?)
> and restore them with sam.
> problem, it doesn't take the drivers ...
> first speak about a /opt/hpnp which doesn't exist on second.
> how do i find which drivers are used on the second and, mainly for hp
> printers, where do i find those driver packages ?

new tool is HP jetdirect (which replace jetadmin)


> - i encounter a problm with vgcreate following this
> http://www.dbaoncall.net/references/...al_volume.html
> # mediainit /dev/rdsk/c4t0d0
> mediainit: initialize media command failed - I/O error
> # pvcreate -f /dev/rdsk/c4t0d0
> Physical volume "/dev/rdsk/c4t0d0" has been successfully created.
> # mkdir /dev/vg01
> # mknod /dev/vg01/group c 64 0x010000
> # vgcreate /dev/vg01 /dev/dsk/c4t0d0
> Increased the number of physical extents per physical volume to 65279.
> vgcreate: Volume group "/dev/vg01" could not be created:
> VGRA for the disk is too big for the specified parameters. Increase the
> extent size or decrease max_PVs/max_LVs and try again.

like `man vgcreate` says, simply
# vgcreate -s 16 /dev/vg01 /dev/dsk/c4t0d0
(16 = pe size in pvdisplay or something like)