I'm having a problem with the ldap. All the password have expired. How
can I reset the passwords. I can dump and reload. I have tried to
modify the time but no success what do I do?

dn: uid=******,ou=People,o=********
objectclass: top
objectclass: person
objectclass: organizationalPerson
objectclass: ******
objectclass: UserPreferences
uid: ******
creatorsName: uid=PrivDirUsr,ou=People,o=********
createTimestamp: 20040510142716Z
projcolorscheme: lightondark
description: **********
trendrows: 12
suspfilt: Off
regcolorscheme: darkonlight
doclanguage: en
tablesize: 25
navlinks: showlaunch
pagelanguage: en
helpicon: hideproj
excpind: graphic
striping: Off
cn: ***********
showsql: show
sn: *******
givenname: *****
host2idmap: *********************
host2idmap: *******************
host2idmap: *******************
pwamustchange: 0
userpassword:: e1NIQX1leHBpcmVkdXNlcj0=
pwaactivity: 1152872340
modifiersName: uid=PrivDirUsr,ou=People,o=*********
modifyTimestamp: 20060714101921Z

Any help will be appreciated