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Basically, out of the box, HP-UX assumes that multiple physical (from
the point of view of the transport) NICs configured into the same IP
subnet have the same "connectivity." If that is not the case then
configuring multiple NICs into the same IP subnet isn't a good idea.

There are ways to make things work with the use of static routes
and/or setting ip_strong_es_model but the best way to have multiple
NICs in the same subnet is to install Auto Port Aggregation and
configure them into a link aggregate (aka trunk or link bonding what
have you).

A switch operating at layer 2 won't care about the host having
multiple NICs in the same subnet, but a "switch" operating at a layer
above layer 2 might. (Aguments about how such a device shouldn't
really be called a "switch" left to another discussion).

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