We got a rude wakeup call this morning when our OLD fantasia laser
program told us that the registration has expired and refused to run.

Uname -a results in: HP-UX morris B.11.11 U 9000/800 1615349323
unlimited-user license

the laser program version is: FANTASIA (C.01.02) Copyright PROACTIVE
SYSTEMS Ltd 1991-95

We go a copy of the update_expiry program that is version: FANTASIA/UX
B.01.04 Set Expiry Date

and when we ran it we now get the error: ERROR Expiry date has been

when we run the laser program.

We have worked around it by moving the fantasia program to another
spare system and setting the date back, but this is a really big

Does anyone have a copy of the update_expiry program for version
C.01.02 ???

I would GREATLY appreciate it if I could get a copy of it, or if
someone has a different solution, please let us know.

Thanks for you anticipated help in this manner.