I have about 80 300X's deployed across my WAN. I one particular
location what is occurring is that the HP-UX box can comminuate to the
printers fine across the WAN. Then I will lose a printer or two, and
I'm unable to ping the printers from the HP-UX box.

If I connect to the local subnet of where the printers are located, I
can ping those printers just fine. It's as if the jet direct cannot go
across the router. If I leave the Jet Directs unplugged for 24 hours
and plug them back in, they are once again able to communicate to the
HP_UX box once again, but then the cycle will repeat itself with
different printers involved.

I have checked for duplicate IP address, proper gateway's etc. With
nothing out of the ordinary. Still I am stumped.

The network is connected via a VPN link through a T-1. Routing through
Cisco gear. The printers are set to a manual IP address.

Any help in resolving this matter would be great.