I am trying to restore some filesystems with omnibak but am seeing a lot
of errors related to ACLS.

Cannot find ACL list: ([2] No such file or directory).
Record with ACL is not from HPUX filesystem !
Cannot find ACL list: ([251] Unknown error: 251).

I found an article that seems to explain the "Cannot find ACL list" message:

However it explains it as a mismatch between the version of vxfs of the
filesystem saved vs the filesystem restored to. In my case the version
of vxfs is the same; version 4:
vuh245 # /usr/sbin/fstyp -v /dev/vg00/rlvfabric
version: 4

The article recommends a method of turning the messages off which
implies that these messages don't matter; indeed the messages are listed
as "Minor".


A search on the other error message: "Record with ACL is not from HPUX
filesystem" turned up a patch (PHSS_29871) for v3.5 of Omniback; file
corruption is mentioned. I am on v4.0 and there is no equivalent patch
that I could find on the HP site.


So where am I? No idea. Do these messages matter? The files seem to be
there but is there corruption?

Anyone been throught this loop?