I have a problem with my a180c which someone might be able to help with. I
was fiddling with it and powered it on with 1 less fan running (To see how
much noise difference it made).

I didn't know it had detection code, and it threw up
an error, and then powered off. I plugged the fan back in, but it's still
throwing up the fan error. It must have set some flag somewhere in flash
?!? I removed the battery (in case it was battery backed up memory where it
stored the flag) but it still is reporting the error.

The error is "Warning! Fan failure has been detected, the system will be
powering down. please call a service respresentative)

Any secret key to press on the remote console to reset the thing ? or some
jumper ?

My worry is it's written something to flash memory, which has made the
machine permanently useless...

Best Regards