Hi All,

I have a Seagate FC HDD and want to use it in VA7110. HP use the disks
as like as mine. This disk is exactly similar to the HP HDDs but the
diffrence is their Firmware. HP use his firmware on HDDs, I mean after
they buy the HDDs from Seagate they would change the Firmware. VA 7110
designed to accept just HP's HDDs ( HDDs with HP's firmware). So I have
to change my disk's firmware. I have HP's firmware for this disk too.
But them problem is I don't know how to change the firmware. There is
some tools in HP-UX like Command view and STM the can change the HDD's
Firmware. But they will check the current firmware of HDD first and
after that change it. The Disks has Seaget's Firmware So command view
and STM don't allow me to change the Firmware by them. Is there any
solution to changing the Firmware?