Chris Cox wrote:
> CBee wrote:
> ...
>>These discussions always make me think about an introduction meeting of
>>the itanium at HPs: I recall a timeline picture that showed a move from
>>pa 8200 and 8300 to itanium. There might also come a 8400 but that would
>>definitly be it... History only has proven otherwise.

> Indeed... HP also promised that the only OS they'd be using would
> be Windows NT at one point. A story can certainly change over
> time.

Indeed indeed. Intel's Otellini gave an hour-long keynote at IDF this
week, and couldn't find the 5 seconds required to even mention the
word "Itanium". Talked about strained silicon, plus vague new architectures
that would be the future of the company, but the flagship 64 bit just didn't
warrant the slightest mention. Sez he just couldn't work it in. Sounds
like the Itanic is going down for the third time . . .