Hello all;

I am trying to install Gtk on HPUX 11.11 and am doing a terrible job
of it.
I tried all the pre-compiled stuff from the HPUX porting center
(including about 10 of the dependencies) and did not get it to work.
The complied Gtk demo just does a core dump and even trying to compile
a 10 line hello world file causes about 3000 lines of compilier errors.

So I tried to compile/make all the tar files from the Gtk web site.
This was worse. I was even using gcc for all of this. I have pages of
error logs but I do not want to put this up here yet.
Has anyone got Gtk+-2.x to work on 11i ??? PLEASE let me know. Thanks.

Note: Just in case some of you are asking WHY? I would like to develope
GUIs on my laptop (Redhat linux) and then compile on HP for work.
Seemed like an easy idea when Istarted. Gtk was a no brainer on my