I'm trying to use the Frontpage Extensions on a 712 with HP-UX 11.0 after
installing the HP Web Suite. Apache itself is running normally.

In hp_docs/apache/frontpage.admin.guide there are instructions to edit
the installfpdso2 function in the install script. This is what it says:
2) Modify the installation script with the following changes.
The apxs changes are necessary with HP-UX Apache-based Web Server.
Make the changes in the installfpdso2() function (not
The original line of code is commented out and is immediately
by the corrected line.

#$httpdir/apxs -c $opts $FPDIR/apache2/mod_frontpage.c
$httpdir/apxs -o $FPDIR/apache2/mod_frontpage.so -c
$FPDIR/apache2/mod_frontpage.c $FPDIR/apache2/mod_fpcgid.c
#$httpdir/apxs -i -a -n frontpage $FPDIR/apache2/mod_frontpage.la
$httpdir/apxs -i -a -n frontpage $FPDIR/apache2/mod_frontpage.so
If I don't edit the script and run it, it works and exits with no errors.
If I do edit the script as instructed, it stops after running the
function and exits with the following error message:

Finished running the Apache apxs utility.
ERROR: Unable to install mod_frontpage dso

It doesn't explain WHY the editing is necessary, but I'm reluctant to
use the Frontpage installation without the edit since I don't understand
what the consequences are.

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