I have a HP c3700 PA-RISC workstation standing around that is collecting
dust. It has the following specs:

- 64bit CPU HP PA-8700 750MHZ w. 2,25MB Cache
- 2x9GB disk
- HP FireGL-UX Highend-gfx w. 128MB DDR and DVI (new!)
- HP CD-RW drive (new!)
- 2xUSB, 1x100MBit Ethernet, 2x SCSI (1x U2W LVD, 1x Fast)
- HP-UX 11i preinstalled

The system is an upgraded B1000 which got a brand new board upgrade
around three weeks ago! The FireGL-UX is the best gfx which is available
for the PCI-based PA-RISC machines and still HP's top gfx for the c3750.
The system has the new Rev-B system board which works flawlessly ith
HP-UX 11i.

The system is located in Germany, but I can ship everywhere. It comes
with 14 days warranty, no "Gewaehrleistung".

If interested make an offer. I'm also willing to trade for a HP
zx2000/zx6000 Itanium workstation (and only for that! No trades for
other machines!).