We had a similar issue on our Series A400 and we ended up tracing the whole
thing to a single individual that was logging on, entering our menu, running
a Speedware application that was resource hungry and then using a "no longer
available" option to escape out of that Speedware application and then going
into yet another application off a
menu...Parent...child...grandchild...sometimes great-grandchild. And doing
this same thing on 3 different sessions. People would just randomly get
knocked off because the system was getting overwhelmed...I guess. After
eliminating that escape option from the Speedware application, it's turned
into a few times a year, but not every day like before.

Tom Hula

From: "Wong, Wilson"
Sent: Monday, November 10, 2008 2:23 PM
Subject: [HP3000-L] User Disconnect Issues

> We have been experiencing a lot of user disconnects issues lately and have
> not had a lot of success in pinpointing what is causing the problem nor
> finding a good solution. We have multiple HP3000 processors located here
> on site and the problem seems to be occurring on almost all of them but we
> have not found any commonality. We have checked our network, hardware,
> software, configurations, etc. with no luck.
> Here is an additional description of the problem.
> For some time now our user community has experienced a variety of
> disconnects and we are running out of ideas to check. The typical
> behaviors observed is, the user will be working in VPlus screens and
> transitioning between screen, often to a non-VPlus screen (e.g. a menu),
> they will see their screen go blank and after a bit the client (Minisoft
> or Reflections) will report a disconnect.
> We have performed a variety of network tests and believe the network to be
> stable and substantially error free. We have added memory to the 3000 as
> well as looked at the networking tuning parameters. We have rebuilt the
> workstations and reviewed power-saver, terminal emulator, network
> settings. But clearly we have missed something.
> In the packet captures we have done on the HP3000 side, the work station
> seems to be working fine for some extended period of time, and we will see
> several duplicate ACK issued from the client and several retransmission
> from the HP3000 then the connection "goes away". Occasionally we have seen
> a RST issued from the HP3000, but generally not. At this point the HP3000
> user session is also terminated.
> Any help would be much appreciated.
> Thanks, Wilson Wong
> Wilson Wong
> HP3000 Systems Administrator
> WA State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
> 3101 Northup Way, Suite 100
> Bellevue, WA 98004
> (425) 803-9764
> wwong@cis.ctc.edu
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