"Can we edit?"
"You mean MAY we edit Joey."
"But Roo-man I don't want to be editted."


The night is dark and windy. Roo-man, defender of truth and just
coding, has been called away on a mysterious assignment. Suddenly, a
dark, sinister shape is seen creeping along the hedge, dragging a
heavy burlap bag. The shape pauses, listens intently, then starts to
"He, he, he! Nobody is looking! This looks like as good a place as
any to ditch this load!"
He drops the burlap bag gleefully and scampers away.


"Laborious labyrinths Roo-man! This looks like a lot of twisty
little routines all alike!"
"Well said, Joey!"


[in the Extended I/O ROM at address 7FC0]
"MTS: Raan Young, PM: Bill Wickes"

[in the Extended I/O ROM at address 7FE0]
"Roo-man says 'Welcome, PPC.'"

[in the Extended I/O ROM at address 610A]
"Zarquon is here"

--excerpts from the HP-75 Internal Design
[They just don't write docs like they used to. -