[Here's yet ANOTHER excerpt from the "HP-75 Internal Design
Specification" document, written by the HP-75 development team. Can
you imagine finding stuff this fun in the current HP documentation?
BWAH Hah hah! If this was posted before, forgive me; a Google search
didn't find it. -jkh-]

Once upon a time,
Long, long ago,
In a galaxy far, far away:

An evil group of programmers called the EMPIRE developed the
insidious RESULT KEY in order to aid them in their domination of the

Led by a man endowed with a malevolent aura, a power that
transcends the sciences of reason, a man with a warped conception of
programming structure so twisted as to defy comprehension, the dark
lord, ROO-MAN.
"Catastrophic character assasination, Roo-man! What is this?

"I don't know, kid. NASA called us in to see it. Their latest
space probe came back with this message engraved on the side of the

We must find the OTHER ROO-MAN!"
"Diabolic doppelgangers, Roo-man! Who were they?

"I don't know, lad. NASA's spy cameras filmed them snooping around
their space vaults."

"But Roo-man, they looked just like us!"

"I know, Joey.

We must find the OTHER ROO-MAN & JOEY!!!"

--excerpt from the HP-75 Internal Design Specification
[They just don't write docs like they used to. -jkh-]