I don't think a topic has provoked so much reaction since HP's decision to
kill off the reason most of us profess to be here.

A few thoughts, if one lives in a democracy, why is that only ok when we get
our own way. I amongst many others will probably never understand the
emotion coming from the other side of the pond over something that happened
following a collective and therefore I assume majority decision by your
countrymen. However, I wonder is it really necessary to reduce ourselves to
mud slinging, name calling and otherwise bad manners, this is supposed to be
a forum for professionals to discuss and assist. If I wanted to listen to a
tyrant of abuse I would have joined the 9000 list!

Joking apart, emotion is often lost in an email, I am sure most will have
woken up after sending an email and thought oh xxx I should not have sent
that, Deep Breath everyone ?

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In message , Brian
Donaldson writes
>I really think that some Southern fried redneck is going to assassinate
>this new President elect.
>If it is going to happen, hopefully it will happen before January 20, 2009
>thus preventing this dirtbag from causing any more trouble than he's

>This latest election is proof positive that people in certain mid-West and
>East coast States shouldn't be allowed to vote.....
>'Nuff said....

Somebody on this list asked what a Black Widow was.

Good taste prevented me from posting that it was Michelle Obama after
the assassination.

But that's a line you didn't think twice about stepping over, so why
should I?

America, the country that put the 'nation' is 'assassination'.

But if you guys didn't want change, then you might have thought about
not giving your Republican incumbent an approval rating 6 points lower
than Nixon when the calls for impeachment went out...

Roy Brown 'Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be
Kelmscott Ltd useful, or believe to be beautiful' William Morris

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