I sense this is heading in the direction of bigotry and warmongering.
And I feel very uncomfortable being subjected to this low brow
discussion on this professional discussion board. Normally I would
stop there and stay completely out of this squabble, but I feel
compelled to interject a couple points of reason.

Someone said, "they voted for the black man"

1) Obama is not black. He is of mixed race. That would seem to make
it hard for anyone (even and maybe especially blacks) to vote for him
because of his race. Obviously a lot of people voted for him on
another basis -- perhaps his Christianity. (Or are you one of the
ones that thinks he is Muslim? Even if he was (and he isn't),
shouldn't we support our right to freedom of religion.) Or did he
get all the votes simply because everyone wants a change from the
Republican leadership we currently have in the White House?

Someone said, "cut the military and remove them from europe"

2) As I recall from watching the debates, Obama wants to get the
troops out of Iraq (Europe?) and start finding and bringing to
justice those responsible for 9/11 attacks. (Something the current
regime has not even tried to do.) I distinctly recall Afghanistan
being mentioned. Do you support letting the one(s) responsible for
killing thousands of innocent civilians run around free?

Let's cut out the political crap. Can someone say something

P.S. I hate all politicians and politics equally.

My opinions are my own,


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