Quoting Wirt Atmar in response to Brian Donaldson's post:

"I am astounded, amazed and profoundly embarrassed that I ever had anything
to do with the people on this list."

Isn't that painting with far too broad a brush, Wirt? That as far as I have
seen is the comment of one person on the -L. I know some people on this list
that probably voted for our new President Elect, and while I've not spoken
with them on the subject yet, I'm sure that 1) they do not agree with Mr.
Donaldson and 2) have considered themselves fortunate to have benefited from
your contributions to this list in the past.

Personally I didn't like either choice and for myself am tired of having to
vote for the lesser of two evils. My brother in law tells me I'm more of a
Libertarian than an affiliation with either party in the U.S. Well, I hope
to solve the problem some day by buying an island and running it as a benign
princedom, as I may be the only inhabitant.

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