both jazz and invent3k are having external networking issues.

we're waiting on news from hp regarding their *temporary* unavailability.

the openmpe board is concerned, like many of you, about jazz's future. we
hope that hp will allow openmpe to host jazz's contents so that that
valuable information stored on that system doesn't simply disappear into the

- donna

Donna Hofmeister
Allegro Consultants, Inc.

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> From: OpenMPE Support Group [mailto:OPENMPE@RAVEN.UTC.EDU] On Behalf Of
> Lars Appel
> Sent: Monday, November 03, 2008 1:46 PM
> Subject: Is Jazz permanently dead?
> Hello gang,
> in a thread on COBOL and CGI scripting, I tried to refer to
> some old paper and example on but noticed
> that jazz seems to be down at present.
> As part of the thread, some rumours arose that jazz might have
> been turned off permanently. Does anybody from the OpenMPE group
> know any details on this? Any chance that OpenMPE gets permission
> to host the former jazz contents? Or is it available for "local
> pack-rats"?
> It would be extremely sad if all the content would be gone forever!
> Regards, Lars.
> PS... invent3k also seems to be unresponsive to http and telnet :-(

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