Quoting Roy Brown: "For all I know, there are still companies out there that
face a multi-$m migration cost away from MPE and who would be *very*
interested in an emulator."

....I can assure you, this is exactly the case, and there are many of them.

Roy: "But none of the others, if there *are* others, are represented within
OpenMPE, as far as I know."

....They are represented within OpenMPE. Just as HP (and probably your
company) is not in the habit of publicly posting their internal discussions
and reasons for decisions, neither are these companies.

Roy: "...we need someone for whom the cost of developing an emulator is
chump change,
especially when compared with the alternative of an expensive, lengthy and
risky migration."

....Well, not exactly chump change, but enough of a difference in cost that a
very strong business case is made for funding an emulator as opposed to
migration. I personally know of one migration pegged at $11Million and
another that can't start until 2011, so an emulator turns out to be a very
low cost alternative certainly. Would your company like to join funding

Roy: "But this October makes it two in a row, in different companies, that
I've been part of a team that's been called together suddenly and
unexpectedly by management and told that the planned migration away from the
HP3000 is being halted due to economic conditions."

....Exactly one of the many reasons why an emulator is being pursued by
OpenMPE and other interested and cooperative parties.

Roy: "...I'd put more faith in James Hofmeister's proposals for a full


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