Actually on topic in a way, does that also cover TurboImage hashing?

| US District Court Says Calculating a Hash Value = Search |
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| posted by timothy on Tuesday October 28, @11:02 (Data Storage) |
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[0]bfwebster writes "Orin Kerr over at [1]The Volokh Conspiracy (a great
legal blog, BTW) reports on a US District Court ruling issued just last
week which finds that [2]doing hash calculations on a hard drive is a
form of search and thus subject to 4th Amendment limitations. In this
particular case, the US District Court suppressed evidence of child
pornography on a hard drive because proper warrants were not obtained
before imaging the hard drive and calculating MD5 hash values for the
individual files on the drive, some of which ended up matching known MD5
hash values for known child pornography image and video files. More
details at Kerr's posting." Update: 10/28 16:23 GMT by [3]T : Headline
updated to reflect that this is a Federal District Court located in
Pennsylvania, rather than a court of the Commonwealth itself.

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