Hello Hp3000-L Members,

Recently I had sent an ad out to the group regarding a contract opportunity
in Sacramento to start in Oct/November. Since then I have received the
actual requisition slating it to begin January first. If you would like to
be considered and have the following experience. Please reply to my email at
robin at palladiuanconsulting dot com.

1. Mandatory Qualifications

Solid understanding and experience with general analysis, programming
logic and application development procedures, particularly the phases of the
Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and the concepts of Project
Management. (5 or more years documented experiences/knowledge)

Knowledge and experience with the software tools, methods and
procedures associated with the development and maintenance of business
applications in an HP 3000 MPE operating environment.

Knowledge and experience to support the DDPS system, including a
strong knowledge of COBOL TurboImage and VPlus.

Must work effectively as an individual and in a team environment..

Knowledgeable about information technology concepts, practices,
methods, principles and best practices related to industry and government

Ability to develop and provide quality technical documentation,
code documentation, specification writing skills and the ability to
effectively communicate and understand detailed technical issues.

2. Desirable Qualifications

Knowledge and experience with PowerHouse 4GL QUIZ, QUICK, and QTP.

Knowledge and experience with VESOFT products MPEX/3000 and
MPE intrinsics especially file system intrinsics.

- Microsoft Office Suite (i.e., Word, Excel, Access, Power Point,
SharePoint, Projects, and Outlook).

I look forward to hear from you,

Robin Marsh
Palladian Consulting
robin at palladianconsulting dot com

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