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Thank you very much for setting the record straight. At least now we
can squabble and b**ch over the facts, not mythology and legend.

On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 8:48 AM, donna hofmeister
> I'm starting to lose track of how many people have come to me in the

> few days whining about "the board signing the cda/nda".
> in 2004 (go check the minute archives) hp was pressuring the board to

> an nda, essentially saying sign or we won't talk to you. you can

easily see
> in the archives where the board DID approve the WORDING of the nda

> extensive negociations with hp) but NO WHERE will you see that the

> SIGNED an nda.
> because IT DID NOT HAPPEN!
> additionally,

> shows that hp relented.
> hp and the board have operated all these years under a 'gentlepersons'
> understanding that our conversations are private. it's been this
> understanding that fostered an atmosphere of trust for hp, showing

> openmpe was/is/and remains serious about our quest to preserve mpe's

> no one is more frustrated than the board about how long this process

> taken. but I'll dare to say that it has only been openmpe's board

> had the dogged determination to 'keep after hp' regarding mpe. when

> else can show that they've continuously worked for hp for one purpose,

> maybe the nay-saying and otherwise faithless support of openmpe will

> justified.
> - d 'speaking for myself and not the board'

"If hard work were such a wonderful thing, you'd think rich people
would have kept it all for themselves" - Lane Kirkland

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