We are doing our annual risk management review and I have been tasked with
establishing the present replacement cost of our HP3000/918LX. As a
personal favour would any of the vendors on the list privately provide me
with an estimate for providing the following system:

HP3000/918LX - rack or floor mount
512 MB RAM
3 x ST318417N SCSI (Narrow) 18 GB HDD
1 x HPC1537A SCSI (Narrow) 12/24 GB DDS DAT

This would be a replacement unit in the event of a catastrophic loss or
theft of either our main or backups system. Therefore, we anticipate
transferring our existing HP and third-party software licences from the
defunct system to the replacement one.

In addition to the purchase price I would appreciate an estimate of an
anticipated lead time to delivery and the expected shipping costs assuming
that an order was placed today.


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