it's not a 6.0 issue. it's an mpe issue.

remember that regular ol' mpe gives the impression of being
case-insensitive. this means that (for example) 'listf' is regarded the
same as 'LISTF'.

additionally, something-dot-something (when referring to files) will be
treated as file-dot-group by the operating system.

so in the case of "put image1.jpg image1.jpg" -- without taking any extra
steps -- ftp (by way of the file system) thinks you're saying "PUT
IMAGE1.JPG IMAGE1.JPG" where image1 is the file name and jpg is the group

to get ftp's 'attention' (saying hey! this is a posix file) you need to
precede your file names with './' it also mean that whatever case you use
in your put suddenly becomes relevant.

check to see if 'site posix' is supported. if it is, you
can use this option to tell ftp that posix transfers are the default.

finally, change your type to 'byte' (vs ascii) to get your files to land on
your mpe in the proper format (instead of fixed ascii). for most posix
files, you want to transfer files this way.

- donna

Donna Hofmeister
Allegro Consultants, Inc.

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> Sent: Sunday, October 26, 2008 7:00 PM
> Subject: [HP3000-L] Special file permissions/types in Posix Shell
> [ This might be an issue because I am using MPE/ix 6.0. ]
> I sure am glad you folks are patient with us new guys.
> I just installed Apache (old version 1.3 or thereabouts) today, and
> went to transfer over a web site. I ran into some silly issues with it.
> I had to specify a path with each file, no matter what directory I was
> logged into. This made it somewhat difficult to zap up an entire
> folder of files, normally done with "mput *", after turning off the
> interactive prompting of course.
> put image1.jpg image1.jpg <<<-- this will fail
> put image1.jpg ./image1.jpg <<<-- this will work
> Second, I am running into ignorance with MPE file formats; this
> version of Apache seems to want HTML files to be "Ascii Text", but ftp
> (in ascii mode) and vi seem to create files that are 80 byte MPE
> files. Especially with vi, is there a way to un-default this behavior?"
> Image files transfer over like this, and I am assuming that this is
> okay. (ftp in binary mode.)
> shell/iX>
> shell/iX> file img-1.jpg
> img-1.jpg: MPE/iX 256-byte fixed length binary (filecode:0)
> shell/iX>
> Thanks for any pointers -
> Paul
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